Thursday, July 5, 2007

Status: scripting plug-ins

Official name: Add the ability to write plugins using jruby or groovy

First of all a slight change in the priorities. The top priority now is to enable the support of the bundles that are implemented using scripting language, i.e. Groovy and/or JRuby.

Others nice to have features will be:
1) Enable custom processing for plugin.xml, to be able test the new plug-ins without starting the 2nd eclipse instance.
2) The console, for providing the interactive (re)loading of the plug-in.

I have described to issues in more details in my blog entry.


Le ScaL said...

The OSGi console allows you to have 2) since you can uninstall and install a new plug-in thus giving you 1) for free. Unless you have something in mind more specific that I don't get.

Anton Arhipov said...

OSGi console would give me the ability to (re)load the bundles, true. But in fact I would like to have the ability to change the objects using groovy or jruby in the workbench which OSGi console cannot provide me.