Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Status: Multi monitors against the rest of the world

Just to recap in the case you forgot about my SoC project: I'm hard at work improving the user experience on multi-monitor systems in Eclipse.

After struggling with building SWT on Windows Vista again - which worked fine some days ago - I attached all my fullscreen related stuff to the appreciated bug report in the hope that some of the SWT guys are willing to review the patches and getting them into CVS in the next days/weeks.
When the fullscreen support is in place, I can care more about the Workbench implementation of handling fullscreen stuff. There is already a working solution available but I think we can improve the one ore other little feature to make our users happy :-) I'll attach the code to the bug report immediately after the SWT guys committed the fullscreen support. Then everyone can participate to discuss more feature wishes. If you already have some nice ideas, let me know - best place would be a comment on the bug report.

After talking to Eric Moffat - the guy behind the black magic called presentation - we came up with a possibly good solution regarding improved detached windows (sashes, min/max behavior, etc) by replacing the current Detached Window implementation with a lightweight Workbench Window. Let us see how far we can come with this approach. I'll report about my progress in this area after working some days on this to see if it's that right way to go.


Donald Smith said...

This is important work! One thing to consider is handling cases where users swap between multiple montiors and not on a regular basis. I dock my laptop at the office with a 2nd monitor, and then at home just use the laptop. Sometimes my windows get "lost" if I save and exit eclipse with windows open at work, they are toast when I get home...

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