Thursday, July 5, 2007

Semantic-aware component provisioning: status report

Recap: My project is about semantic-aware software component provisioning. In my previous status report I dealt with the SWPO ontology design and a first architectural sketch of the repository, other than taking some significant decisions REST URI and resources to be exposed by the repository REST interface.

I am glad to report about some significant progress in my project this week.

- Slightly refined the SWPO ontology (will upload fresh snapshot on the wiki asap).

- Got a good grasp on (and generated typesafe OWL2Java code mappings through) the IBM Jastor framework <>, part of the IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform <>. Generated code readability is awful, and I had to overcome some defects in handling inheritance and RDFList's, but at least it relieved the burden of writing the data access layer and Jena interaction from scratch. I will get the JUnit bar stuck on green in the very next days.

- Refined the repository architecture: three-tier, handling requests and resources' representations in a "pipes and filters" fashion. Assessed the chance of providing both a parsing and a marshalling subsystem in the application layer (will update architectural views on the project wiki asap). What I wanted to achieve was (and still is) to decouple the application layer both from the RESTlet framework and the specific implementation of the Data Access Layer, as much as possible.

- Created a module and committed code to eclipse-incub (I am actually updating the module quite frequently).

After a quite late start, finally things are smooth and running fine.

Savino Sguera

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