Sunday, July 15, 2007

Status: Semantic-aware component provisioning

Recap: My project is about semantic-aware software component provisioning. Student: Savino Sguera - Mentor: Philippe Ombredanne.
Most significant updates for this week:
  • Model refactoring
  • Ontology design improvement
  • Jastor classes update
  • Implemented marshalling subsystem (XStream)
  • Added persistency to Jena model (Apache Derby embedded DB)
  • Tested full stack data flow:
    Restlet's DomRepresentation <-> Document <-> XML <-> Javabean <-> Jastor class <-> Jena statements <-> RDBMS
  • Discussed dependencies licensing issues (no problems ahead)
  • Started client's architectural design (and assessed code reuse scenarios)
  • Added javadoc
  • Committed new code to eclipse-incub
Very next steps:
  • Discuss some modeling issues with Philippe
  • Implement REST layer
  • Get a live demo of the repository up and running
  • Start client design
  • Add a "dependencies" page to project's wiki
That's all for now.

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