Friday, May 11, 2007

status, Support seamless debugging between JDT and CDT

Hi all,

My project goal is to support seamless debugging between JDT and CDT. My project is mentored by Philippe Ombredanne. During these first weeks I have done the following things:

1 - announced the project : I created my wiki page[1] and a blog[2]. I sent emails (for instance to the cdt-dev mailing-list) to get suggestions, comments, and feedback.

2 - got the existing work : I got a link[3] from cdt-dev guys to a presentation on the several approaches to provide seamless debugging. My mentor gave me too some links[4, 5, 6] on how to debug Java JNI application.

3 - read documentation : I read documentation on the Eclipse architecture, and did tutorials to learn to write plug-ins.

4 - started to code : I started to write a prototype plugin to validate an approach

Feel free to comment :)

[1] wiki page
[2] personal blog
[3] Mixed mode debugger prototype presentation
[4] Debugging integrated Java and C/C++ code
[5] Debugging integrated in Eclipse
[6] Java and C/C++ JNI Application Debugging with GUI

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anjanBacchu said...

hi there,

nice start.

did you get something to work : something that could be used in eclipse 3.x ?

can you post some links ?

thank you,