Friday, May 11, 2007

status, IDE Generator (Miguel Garcia)


I see my SoC project comprising several areas, and thus I’ll report status in each:

  1. the promotion area: I’ve started a blog
    DSL Tooling, with a touch of Language Engineering
    where I’m keeping a trail of design decisions, related know-how, and (soon) reflections upon particular code snippets. All this aiming to make life easier for those wanting to join the project, or simply start a related project.

  2. the IDE generator itself (i.e., my pumped-up version of Gymnast)

    2.a) A small step next week: Ecore-ifying the APIs being generated as of now for Concrete Syntax Trees.

    2.b) In parallel, I guess I should start with IP issues around placing in the Incubation CVS the Gymnast code, I’ll contact my mentor on this but I understand completing the paperwork is on me

  3. generating an IDE as a proof-of-concept. Alas, again two lines of activity here:

    3.a) there’s a favorite DSL IDE among those which I’m targeting, which is Emfatic, with several extensions already coded manually. The strategy is to harvest from them best-practices to embed in the generator. But in all honesty, the functionality that Emfatic sports is not (and will not) remain limited to what the pumped-up Gymnast generates. It’s a special status that Emfatic has among the “generated IDEs”. Before making this Emfatic into CVS, I need two weeks to solve some architectural issues (mostly, truly supporting editing several docs at the same time)

    3.b) No progress so far on a DSL other than Emfatic (I'm not thinking at this stage about coding, but about language design to pave the way for generation time), but I’ll hint at ideas all along in the blog. I hope someone picks up on that, for further impact.

Questions / comments / feedback are welcome!


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