Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Calling all artists

The Google Summer of Code (SoC) program [1] is underway and Eclipse has over 20 projects [2]. SoC, which is sponsored by Google, provides funding for students to work on open source projects over the summer. We (the students) submitted proposals which were reviewed by several Eclipse committers (and many of your favorite evangelists). While the program is sponsored by Google, the management and mentoring is done by the Eclipse community. For the past month many of the students have been getting involved with their projects, meeting people on mailing lists / newsgroups, getting access to the code, etc...


We have also been working on a logo. Gen Nishimura has submitted some nice artwork, but I'm sure others have creative ideas too. If you have any ideas please take a look at bug# 184913 [3].

[3] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=184913

Finally we (the students) will be using this blog [4] to update the community on our progress, solicit ideas, etc... Over the next few days some of us will outline what we have been up-to and how we are proceeding with our work.

[4] http://eclipse-soc.blogspot.com/

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