Sunday, May 13, 2007

Status, NetBeans in Eclipse

Hi all,

My Project goals are to provide a minimal NetBeans environment within Eclipse as Eclipse plugins and support running NetBeans plugins like Matisse. My mentor is Philippe Ombredanne. During the last 3-4 weeks I didn’t have much time for GSOC07 but I have done some work:

  • I have contacted my mentor and we discussed the project goals. As first step I will implement a simple Netbeans’ plugin(an simple Editor) and try to find what is needed to run this plugin within Eclipse.
  • I updated the wiki page of my Project.
  • I started to read the documentation of NetBeans.
  • I started to code the simple NetBeans’ plugin.

I will have much time for GSoC07 after 26st of May.

Criticism, suggestions and questions are welcome ;).


BIS said...

I am curious how your project will be realized?
May I have links to your wiki page and to the documentation of NetBeans you plan to read.
Boris Starchev

beyhan said...

my wiki page is
I will post on it realization information.
On the homepage of NetBeans you can find a lot of documentation.

Beyhan Veliev